Facilities and Services


Children at the Swiss School Beijing have access to the Sabina Brady Library, which supports the information and recreational reading needs of the WAB Elementary School community. The Sabina Brady Library offers an extensive collection of more than 95,000 resources: digital equipment, books, posters, DVDs, audio books, magazines and online databases. While these resources are mainly in English, the Swiss School Beijing is focussed on growing the German-language collection.
The library is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Kindergarten students must be accompanied by an adult when using the library. New students will get a red library bag and, at Kindergarten level, may borrow 2 books at the same time, for a period up to 14 days.
Parents are welcome to join the library and borrow for themselves and their children. Library staff will help you sign up as a patron. A parent paperback ‘swap’ collection is available and donations are always appreciated. You are free to take any of these novels for your recreational reading. Parents also have access to a ‘parenting’ section – where relevant resources on a huge variety of parenting and child issues are available. You are most welcome to borrow these resources.

Sports Facilities

As a Section of WAB, the Swiss School Beijing has access to WAB’s excellent and multifunctional sport facilities, such as the school’s own swimming pool, the Tiger l’Air (a multi-sport air-supported structure) and the WAB sport field. For more information, take a virtual tour of WAB’s School Campus.


WAB provides a student bus service to and from school. Buses arrive at school between 8:10 and 8:30am each day, although delays can occur due to traffic congestion. Afternoon buses depart at 12:00pm (half day) or 3:30pm (full day).
The school’s tuition fees include transportation to and from the school.

Food Services

Chartwells, a global food service provider, offers tasty and healthy lunch options, which students can purchase using their SmartCard. WAB’s food services provide a wide range of international food options from various outlets within the school. All food is prepared fresh daily in WAB kitchens. Student meal offers include: Set Menus, which are balanced meals, custom-made sandwiches, salads and snacks, which are served at morning break and lunchtime.

Health Services

A Health Clinic staffed by Registered Nurses is located within the WAB Elementary School building and available to students of the Swiss School Beijing. A log is kept of all treatment, and parents are notified in the event of any significant illness or injury.


Parents are asked to notify the WAB School Nurse of any infectious diseases or of any change in the health status of a student, e.g. a vaccination, illness, injury or operation. It is important for parents to keep students at home if they are sick or injured. WAB and the Swiss School Beijing maintain a “Fever Free” environment and require that no student attend school if they have a temperature of over 37.50C. Parents need to pick up their child from school if the School Nurse calls to let the parent know that the student is too sick to be at school. By following this protocol we are able to maintain a healthy environment for all and minimize infections. Parents should advise the WAB Elementary reception desk of reasons for all absences from the school including illness.


The WAB School Nurse will call parents in the event that a student needs to go home due to illness or injury. In the event of a serious injury or illness, the nurse will contact the parents or guardian so the student can be transported to a medical center or hospital for further attention. If necessary, the nurse or designated person will accompany the student to the hospital or medical center and meet the parent there. Parents will be notified of any head injury whether a minor or more serious injury.

Medication at School

The WAB School Nurse must administer all medication during school hours. Please fill in the Permission to Administer Medicine form or send a note with the student’s name, reason to give medicine, dosage and time. All medicines must be in their original container, clearly labeled in English with the student’s name, class and the dosage to be given. A few over-the-counter medications (i.e. Panadol, Ibuprofen) are available in the Clinic and can be given if parental permission is on file.

Medical Records

It is very important that WAB Nurses have complete, updated medical records for students at all times. Parents are asked to complete and return the WAB Medical Questionnaire to the Clinic and keep the nurses updated of any new conditions or immunizations. It is also important to keep the school informed of current work, home and mobile numbers of parents or guardians and emergency contact information.

Air Quality

Providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, staff and families is a top priority for Western Academy of Beijing and the Swiss School Beijing. For more information please visit Air awareness at WAB.
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