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Are you interested in being part of a motivated team that will shape the future of the first Swiss school in China? Are you ready to pioneer the introduction of Swiss education in Beijing, while having the support of WAB, one of Asia’s top international schools?
Vacant positions are advertised below:

There are currently no vacancies

Please send your complete application (including CV, copies of certificates and references) to job@swiss-school-beijing.ch.

Terms of Employment

The Swiss School Beijing, a section of Western Academy of Beijing, offers remuneration that is highly competitive in the international market, and regularly reviews its compensation and benefits package to stay competitive. Salary is paid in local Chinese currency (RMB) and can be converted to most major currencies and transferred out of China after completing the necessary bank paperwork.
Teachers are paid according to their years of teaching experience on a 16-step Teacher’s Salary Scale. New teachers joining WAB will be placed on a step in line with their full-time teaching experience. Teachers who are in their first year of teaching will enter and remain at Step 1 for their first two years. The maximum entry for new teachers is Step 8.
In addition to their net salary, teachers with Swiss teaching certificate will benefit from the following comprehensive package:
Teachers recruited from outside China will be provided with the following one time benefits in support of their relocation to Beijing:
For more information, please contact job@swiss-school-beijing.ch .

Life in Beijing

Living in Beijing is an exciting adventure – both for single people and for families with children. There are many sports and interest groups, imported groceries, flashy night scenes, huge shopping malls and endless cultural events. You will be spoiled for choice.
Foreigners living in Beijing should expect to experience culture shock – the language, the culture, the weather, the banking system – not to mention the traffic – are all unique to China and Beijing. Keeping a positive attitude, being patient and staying flexible will help you to progress from merely adapting to enjoying your new home.
If you are serious about living and working in Beijing, start planning and be prepared. Find out as much as you can. Read up, and talk to people who have lived and worked in Beijing.
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